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3 Various Haunted Halloween Doll's With Sound

PAL-6563E X 3


3 Haunted Halloween Doll's if purchased individually would normally cost £50.97

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1) The Hellequin Haunted Halloween Doll has eerie music and speaks with an innocent childlike voice. With its spooky face, black eyes and antique looking cracks, this scary toy monster is crying  out for a home in a creepy gothic haunted house.

2) Charlie the Haunted Doll has a wicked side and says three different sayings. How'd you like it if I made you talk, huh? Sticks and stones will break your bones...Hey, that's not a bad idea! Hey, easy where you put your hand, pal - we only just met! The last one to get fresh with me is sleeping it off - six feet under!

3) Little Precious Haunted Halloween Doll has seen a lot of horror in her days. She says ''You disgust me. You can pretend that I don't exist, but I will persuade you otherwise. The last person who held me died a horrible death.''